Speculative Histories: Conjure people then and now

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A visual series on the Way It Might Have Been

We at the Academic Hoodoo are inspired by arts and technologies that revalue Africana Religions, whether they are in Africa, the U.S., Haiti, Brazil, or anywhere else in the world. Black religion is a global phenomenon. We redeem our venerable traditions from the degrading and contemptible tropes of Voodoo that once demonized and insulted Africana faiths. The genius of black spiritual traditions are only comprehended by those who come without prejudice and judgment. Here we recall the past in a different way from how it has been given to us. Time is a loop. Everything old is new again. What goes around comes around. What follows are a series of pictures from a speculative history of Conjure. These are enhanced photographs that are just as magical as the precognitive speculations of those ancestor beings who saw deeply and fully into past, present, and future, scanning the roads upon which all Souls travel, at the threshold of the Kalunga Line. Again and again, we recall, recollect, and reimagine black lives on the eternal spiral, returning back to our Divine Selves.

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Noted Conjure Women from the 19th and 21st centuries

Spirit Photography of Two-head Doctors

Ode to the Frizzled Chicken

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