New! Free online Voodoo film series

Update: series has been cancelled until further notice

Join us at the for a film expedition into the realm of Hollywood VOODOO, as we watch problematic and inauthentic depictions of blackness and Africana religions, noteworthy for their visions of race and culture on the silver screen.

Experience fake film VOODOO as we travel to the twentieth century, showcasing four movies that have left an indelible mark on history, whether for their their controversial narratives or historically significant representations. You will discover on-screen experiments that explore the VOODOO as an insidious racial and religious category, and you will consider the thematic influences on cinema within the larger societal contexts in which these films were created.

Our carefully curated selections will allow you to witness the evolution of VOODOO’s portrayal on the silver screen.

After each screening, we will engage in discussions led by a panel of distinguished experts, who will dissect the films’ cultural significance, historical accuracy, and artistic merit.

Every Sunday in October at 9 pm we will journey into the contrived and racially disingenuous world of VOODOO cinema. Sign up below!

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