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Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work: Government-Funded Broadway Voodoo Drama

As you probably know, the purpose of this blog is to disseminate stories of fascinating Voodoo memes, whether they are about colorful Voodoo paper dolls, horrible Voodoo movies, or cool Voodoo comics. We are intrigued by the sheer variety of topics that index … Continue reading

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Black Gods of the Cosmopolis!

This is the third in a series of posts on Africana religions and the comics. Some remarkable images made their way around the astral digital space this week. Aficionados of black religion will immediately recognize these extraordinary renderings of the popular divinities … Continue reading

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More than Skin Deep? Haitian Vodou, Corporate Social Activism and the Commodification of Healing

“In partnership with Direct Relief, The Vaseline® Healing Project is an aid effort to provide dermatological care, Vaseline® Jelly & medical supplies needed to help heal the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world.” As I … Continue reading

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Halloween Special! Black Horror Movie …but It’s Not Voodoo

I want to note the continuing relevance of Voodoo as a trope in entertainment cultures by highlighting the historical significance of Voodoo horror films. But I already covered this topic somewhat in an earlier period with reference to jungle Voodoo, and … Continue reading

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Beautiful women with Cigars

As you might guess, this post is about pictures. But it might not be what you expect. I wasn’t exactly sure what I could say about this remarkable collection by the photographers at Flickr that would speak any more eloquently … Continue reading

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Africana Religion and Comics, Towards a Useful Semiotics

??? Ummm…okay.   Must do more research. …especially curious about the guy with an arrow in his diaper.

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